A Guide On Staying Healthy In College

College schedule can be very demanding at times. Your schedule may be packed with tests, community volunteer, choir practice, club events, RA duties and the list goes on. Taking care of your health becomes the least priority in your list. Staying healthy is important but can be tricky when you have too many things to juggle at the same time. Here, I have compiled a a few ways on how to keep yourself fit and healthy always.

Cut Down On Fast foods

Fast food chains offer a variety of delicious, quick and affordable meals. Eating burgers and fries once in awhile may not be a big deal. However, the story is completely different when you decide to have it everyday, sometimes up to 3 times a day.  As you are savoring every bite of your pizza, it didn't come across your mind of how these processed food might affect your health. Fast foods are loaded with lots of carbs, grease and chemical additives. Imagine how much artificial chemical you are consuming when you have burgers and fries daily. Try to cut down on these greasy fast foods and switch to eating more greens instead.

Drink More H2O

Drinking water has numerous benefits such as it keeps your skin hydrated and improves your digestion system. However, being busy often makes you forget to drink water. Fret not, there is an app that can remind you to drink water throughout the day. This app does not only serves as a reminder for you to drink more water, it also has a bonus side. You can enjoy playing games while watching your plant grow everyday at the same time. Check out Plant Nanny from Google Play Store.

Maximize The Campus Gym Facilities

Most universities offer free or discounted gym memberships for students. This is the right time to make full use of the available gym facilities located on-campus. Since the gym is located in campus, it is very convenient to go workout after your classes. If you prefer playing sports, you may consider signing up for your favorite sports club such as basketball or tennis. Working out should be fun and not a dull activity.

Have Fun

College life is not entirely about studying. Have fun once in awhile by joining parties and beach outings with your friends. Just don't go overboard with all the partying until you cannot recall when is your next test or deadline. Know your limits and indulge yourself in some fun as a way to de-stress.

I hope that this list is helpful in your daily struggle of staying fit. Read more on how to de-stress from a hectic schedule.


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