Look Gorgeous With These Skincare Routine

Christmas and New Year parties were a huge feast. Treats like minced pies and chocolate tarts were loaded with high fat and sugar. These delicious treats had left a massive breakout on your skin. You feel shy to attend classes in your current state. You wish the breakouts would disappear with the zap of a wand. Breakouts are common skin problems and the good news is that...it can go away if you practice health skincare habits.

1) Reduce caffeine

2-3 cups of coffee to keep you awake during the finals seems a good idea. After all, you need to spend more time studying in order to pass your exams. The bad downside of this habit is that high intakes of caffeine will worsen skin breakouts. Even carbonated drinks can be the culprit as these drinks contain high amounts of caffeine. Try to stay away from coffee and carbonated drinks during this time. Go for soothing teas such as chamomile tea or rose tea that help to reduce skin irritation and breakouts.

2) Cleanse and nourish your skin

Daily cleansing helps to maintain a healthy and vibrant skin. It prevents bacteria and excess sebum from blocking your skin pores. Thus, your skin will remain clean and clear throughout the day. Always remember not to scrub your face harshly as it will worsen your skin breakouts.

3) Catch up on your zz's

Do you often rush for deadlines or watch Netflix until the wee hours? When the next day arrives, you are too exhausted to get up for your classes. Insufficient sleep will cause your skin breakouts to worsen. It is advisable to get adequate sleep of 7-8 hours to keep your body and skin rejuvenate for the next day.

4) Include Vitamin C in your diet

Vitamin C is effective in getting rid of bacteria and strengthening our immune system. Fruits and vegetables are naturally occurring food sources that contain high levels of Vitamin C. Be sure to include these food in your diet to have a radiant looking skin. 
P.S: If you dislike veges, whip up a colorful salad with your favorite dressing. These lovely salads will sure make you crave for more next time.


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