Making Studying Time Less Boring

We may not always blessed with the things that we love to do. There are times when you find a particular boring subject that you dislike in your course. That does not mean that you have to ditch this particular subject especially if it is a core subject. Head over these FOUR tips to make studying less boring!

1)   Improve Your Note Taking Strategies

Messy notes are certainly not useful for your studies. You are more likely to feel frustrated as you have problems understanding the main idea of the topic. Create notes in a flowchart form so that the facts are organized and connected together. Flowcharts enable you to keep track and connect the facts easily. Now it is the time to put on your creativity hat! Color up your flowchart wordings and arrows to make your notebook look more interesting and less boring. It is always helpful to jot down the important points for the coming exams during your classes. Trust me, it has helped me save a lot of time from searching it from scratch.

2)   Mark Your Study Calendar

Allocate more time to do your revision before the coming test. Studying at the last minute is certainly not the healthiest habit for any collegiate. You will more likely to feel stressful cramming to study the whole textbook in just one night. Studying at the suitable time of the day can increase your learning and memorizing abilities. It is advisable to do your revision in the early morning when your mind is still refreshed and relaxed.

3)  Start A Group Study

Do you often feel bored when studying alone in your room? If you answer YES, then, it is time to start your own study group. Helping each other is a great way of studying. Your friends may have written down the things that you have missed in class. Besides that, you will learn better when you try to explain certain theories to your friends. Having a study group is always fun but do remember to avoid unnecessary chats which may distract studying time.

4)  Treat Yourself For A Reward

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." This proverb is true when you study for a week straight to prepare for a coming test. After all the hard work and preparations, you scored high grades for the test! It is time to reward yourself for doing such a great job. Head over to your favorite cafe and have a nice hearty meal or simply indulge yourself in Netflix for 2 hours. However, if you did not do well for the test, do not feel discouraged. Meet up with your tutor or professor to get some help with the subject that you are struggling with. They can provide several tips on how to score well and study more effectively.

In conclusion, studying does not have to be a boring. It should be treated as a fun and enjoyable activity. Keep finding ways to make studying more interesting and you will surely excel in your studies!

Do you have any strategy that makes studying less boring? Share them in the comment box below.


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