Making Your New Year Resolutions

The New Year marks the beginning of a fresh start and new goals. We are athletes at the starting line, eager to run the race. Are you ready to tackle this New Year? Have you come up with your list of New Year resolutions? If you are still clueless and figuring out what to do, here are some ideas you can follow

1) Make a lifestyle change

Weight loss and eating a balanced diet are the top goals of every collegiate's list.  It may be easy to find a weight loss plan on the Internet. However, sticking to the plan requires a lot of discipline and hard will. Nowadays, many junk food is being sold on market shelves. Junk food are cheap and delicious. The bad side of it is that it will add extra inches to your waistline. As a result, you may end up gaining weight than losing them. It is advisable to develop healthy eating habits that incorporate all the essential nutrients. Always make full use of the easy and quick healthy recipes on the web. Greatist has over 22 hassle-free recipes for dorm students. Besides that, StudentRecipes offers more than a dozen healthy recipes to suit your palate.

2) Develop better thinking skills

Thinking skills are vital in daily tasks especially studying. There are many ways to improve your thinking skills. In fact, you can start a mini challenge to sharpen your concentration. Studies conducted by Harvard Medical School revealed that challenging your brain to carry out unfamiliar tasks will help to improve your thinking skills. For instance, you may brush your teeth or have your meals with your non-dominant hand. Furthermore, exploring a new route to college stimulates your mind to think.
3) Widen your friendship circle
A friend in need is a friend indeed. A friend will always lend a hand when you need their help.  However, making new friends as young adults is not easy especially for those who are shy. Do not feel awkward or overwhelm if you are not familiar with your fellow course mates. Chances are they are facing the same problem as well. Start baby steps by initiating a conversation or simply saying hello to the stranger sitting next to you in class. Who knows both of you share the same hobbies and ended up as gym buddies. Having a wide circle of friends makes you feel less lonely especially if you are studying abroad or living away from home.

4) Spark up your life with more kindness

Love thy neighbors. Easier said than done, especially when your roommate decided to leave a whole pile of dirty dishes in the sink for a week. Getting along and being polite might be the last thing on your list at the moment. On the other hand, getting involved in a quarreling match will only make matters worst. So, it is important to avoid conflict by showing respect towards one another. Start this new year by showing more kindness to those around you.

5) Be happy

Burning the midnight oil and rushing for deadlines contribute to high levels of stress. It seems difficult to remain cheerful during these stressful times. Having a manageable workload helps to reduce stress. Learn to say 'no' when you know you have too much on your plate. This is because taking on too many tasks will certainly increase stress and ruin your health.
These are some ideas to start your New Year resolutions. Remember to keep track of your progress from time to time. Do not feel discouraged if there is still a long mile to go before your goal is achieved. Take tiny steps every day and you will soon reach your goal in no time.


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