Managing your food in college

Living away from home helps you to be independent. You have to learn to manage your daily life that is from doing the laundry to planning your meals. Cooking your meals from scratch can be an exhausting chore. You have assignments and club responsibilities to juggle. The last thing you want to do is to cook a meal. As a result, you will resort to buying unhealthy takeouts or eating instant ramen. Takeouts and package food are loaded with excessive amount of preservatives and harmful chemicals. These chemicals should not be anywhere in your body system.

1)Start a food preparation plan

Your mum often tell you to save up for the rainy days. Her words of wisdom come in handy during your college years. Due to busy class schedule, it is good to prepare your meals ahead of time so that you can warm them up anytime. I usually prepare my meals in large quantities and store them in the freezer. I can just microwave them whenever I feel hungry. Overall, I find that doing your own cooking saves a lot money. I can have extra cash at the end of the month for my skincare products. 

2)Fruits and veges as your new snack

Munching on potato chips has became a favorite pastime among collegiate. Do you know potato chips are full of sodium and fat? Too much sodium in your body increases the risk of having high blood pressure. Instead of having potato chips, why don't munch on some crunchy carrots or juicy grapes. They are rich in fiber and antioxidants which help to keep your skin smooth and beautiful.

3)Choose healthy food options

If you are planning to order takeouts during the weekends, opt for healthier food choices. Choose grilled rather than fried food options. Salad dressings and gravy are delicious but go easy on them as they may add up to your daily calorie intake.


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