Stepping Out From Shyness and Appear More Confident

Shyness is often associated with the anxiety faced when one is in a social situation. Being shy may reduce your self-confidence. You wish to be outgoing but the anxiety holds you back from confronting people at the same time. It takes time to overcome shyness. There will be hurdles and obstacles along the journey but you can slowly overcome it by following these 4 steps. Are you ready to take the challenge? Let's head to the first step!

1) Set a goal

Define your first goal in overcoming shyness. Is your goal consisted of:
  • stop stuttering and fidgeting when talking to someone
  • be the first to greet and introduce yourself
Keep your goals simple and achievable as you move along. Simple goals enable you to slowly move out of your shell and appear more confident as you tackle each obstacle. Be sure to increase the level of difficulty of each goal so that you can further improve yourself and not get stuck at the same level.

2) Be Friends With An Extrovert

Being friends with an outgoing person is helpful in overcoming shyness. You can ask your friend's advice and watch his or her approach in social situations. Besides that, having an outgoing friend reduces awkward situations when you are unsure of what to say during a conversation. She can keep the ball rolling while you regaining your composure and engaging back into the conversation.

3) Move With Confidence

People often said that when you are feeling shy, try your best not to show it. Easier said that done. You must be wondering how am I going to hide my nervousness when I'm around people? Show your confidence by walking, standing and sitting in a confidence stance. Believe it or not, you will start
feel an ounce of confidence when you start to practise these confident moves. You may feel a bit awkward initially but you will act naturally once you get used to it.

4) Stop Perfectionism

There will be times when you make mistake or embarrassed yourself in social situations. Try not to pressure yourself and take it too seriously. Stay calm and keep your emotions in check. Do not feel so overwhelmed that you avoid social confrontations at all. After all, everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. It is a normal thing. Mistakes are where you learn and improve yourself to become a better person.

In conclusion, shyness is something that can be overcame by every person. Take the opportunities and possibilities that are available to create a positive and confident personality.

Do you have a life changing moment where you have overcame your shyness? Share your moments in the comment box below and don't forget to subscribe.


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