The Ultimate Guide on Saving More While Shopping

Being a collegiate has its ups and downs. There are times when you have limited cash to spend each week. You are constantly on a tight budget to keep ends meet. You need to buy your daily necessities and have some extra cash left over the weekend. We often go to supermarkets to shop for the items that we need. Whether it is a retail store or an online store, stores often have their own cunning marketing strategies to lure customers to buy more. I have compiled these 4 guides below on how to save more while shopping on a tight budget.

1. Avoid Buying in Bundles

Most supermarkets wrap their items in bundles and sell them for cheaper prices. The sum of the bundle items will always be lower than the actual total cost. This is one of their marketing strategies to get rid of old stock. Although these items are cheap, you have to ask yourself whether do you really need all of them? It can be a waste of money to buy the bundled goods if you only use one of the items. So, avoid buying products in bundles if you do not have a need for them.

2. Read the price tag

The numbers on the price tag can be misleading. Take for instance, $ 8.99 or $ 6.99, where the numbers ends with a .99. We tend to round the values off to the lowest price upon looking at this price tags. $ 8.99 may be rounded down to $ 8. In fact, the price is closest to $ 9. Furthermore, do not rely on cues to pinpoint whether the item has been discounted. Retailer stores often put up sign that says "Lowest Price" or "Best Buy" to attract you to buy the products. The prices of the items may not have been discounted to a large percentage.

3. No fitting or trying, please.

The clothes and shoes sections are a huge temptation for most shoppers. Who can resist the temptation to try on those new Nike shoes or that gorgeous Macy's blazers? Studies have revealed that shoppers are twice more likely to purchase clothes that they try on. If your wardrobe clothing are still in season, do not try on the clothes in the store if you do not intend to buy them.

4. Forget about shopping baskets and trolleys

Over-sized baskets and trolleys are found in almost every supermarket. This is another marketing tactic used by the store management to encourage shoppers to buy more. When you purchase less than five items, your trolley will look almost empty. As a result, you will be tempted to fill up your trolley with more products. If you need to buy only milk and eggs, carry them in your arm instead and head to the checkout counter without a shopping basket. In this way, you are more likely not to overspend on unnecessary things.


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