5 Signs You Are Too Occupied With Your Smart Phone

Smart phones are one of the greatest inventions of humankind. The majority of our world population own a smart phone. It is a common sight nowadays to spot each person swiping through his or her smart phones in public places, from cafes to bus stands. Smart phone is a very convenient device which enables the user to network, socialize and search the latest information with just a single tap. However, excessive use of smart phones contributes to unhealthy lifestyle and social disorders. More  and more people are developing an addiction to smart phones. Here are 5 signs that shows you might be too occupied with your smart phones.

1)   You hardly part with your smart phones.

If you find yourself glued to your mobile device screen every single minute, it is more likely that you are developing an addiction to smart phones. People who find it difficult to stay away from their smart phones spend most of their time texting and chatting with their peers. They will also play games or use any random app as a way to entertain themselves when they are bored. When they are unable to use their phones for a longer period of time, they start to feel uneasy and panic easily. 

2)   Your smart phones always need a recharge

If you notice that your phone battery is always low, you might be using it too much. Smart phones are equipped with numerous apps which consumes high energy when it is used continuously. Besides that, using excessive mobile data can result in high battery consumption. When you are constantly on social media or playing games, your phone battery may deplete fast. This condition is an indication of smart phone addiction.

3)    You are more interested in your phone than socializing

Social events such as parties and reunions are times when you spend time socializing and networking with other people. However, many people prefer to read text messages on their smart phones rather than enjoying themselves during these events. Social phobia can easily arise when people tend to avoid direct confrontation with each other. If you can't stop yourself from checking your Wechat messages throughout a social event, there is a high chance that you are addicted to your mobile phone.

4)   Checking your phone is part of your daily routine

Do you check your phone every time you first woke up in the morning? People who are too occupied with smart phones will check their phones the first thing in the morning. They check their phones throughout the day, whether they are working or studying. They will also check their smart phones before they go to bed at night. This is a huge distraction as you have more important things to do throughout your day.

5)   Your phone is a lifesaver during awkward situations.

It is a normal thing to fidget or feel uneasy during awkward situations. However, if you start to reach for your mobile device as a way of distraction, it shows a sign of smart phone addiction. There is nothing wrong to turn to your phone for help once in awhile. The problem arises when you depend too much on it every time you are faced in an uncomfortable state.

Smart phones are extremely useful device if it is utilized in a correct way. Do not spend too much time using your smart phones. Instead, keep a balance of your phone usage so that it does not interfere with your daily activities. 


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