6 Things to Start Loving Your Body More

We are often fast to compliment others but become too harsh on ourselves. We always complain and feel low self-esteem with our appearance. We compare our body image with skinny supermodels most of the time. We should stop feeling uncomfortable in our own skin and start to love our bodies more with these 6 things:

1)  Feel Proud

Each of us has our own unique body attributes. Feel proud about these attributes instead of viewing them as imperfections. Stop fantasizing the ideal Barbie doll figure. Feel proud that you have the best body image that others do not have.

2)  Stop Weighing Yourself

We are often tempted to weigh ourselves, sometimes up to 2-3 times a day. After finding out that we are still far from our ideal weight, we begin to wallow in self-pity. Stop letting the scale from taking away your happiness. Build-up your self-worth by loving your body more.

3)  Don't Pressure Yourself

Being a bit on the heavy side can become a source of insecurity. Don't pressure yourself by taking drastic measures to lose weight. Losing weight is a journey and does not happen overnight. Take baby steps as you will soon reach your goals no matter how long you take. 

4)  Feel grateful

Instead of focusing on your body flaws, be grateful of what your body is capable of doing. Appreciate that you are able to walk, run and Zumba without limitations. A strong and healthy body is our ideal body image.

5)  Ignore People's Comments

There are times when you will receive several unpleasant comments about your body. It is best not to take them personally. Don't let the nasty comments define on how you look at yourself.

6)  Think Positive

When you look at yourself in the mirror each morning, compliment yourself. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder for doing such a great job in keeping yourself fit and beautiful.


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