4 Fun Ways To Make Full Use Of Your Easter Holidays

Easter is just around the corner. Easter signifies the beginning of spring, and not to forget campus holidays! If you can't get to celebrate Easter at home this year, try a new experience celebrating  Easter in college instead. Have a memorable time celebrating this Easter season with your friends in college by including these 4 fun ways.

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Who says egg treasure hunt is only for kids? Adults do need to have some fun too. Grab your art supplies and gather your friends to an egg dyeing party. It's an inexpensive, colorful and fun activity. All you need are old newspapers, art supplies, a place to dry the eggs and your besties. Once you are done, find a place on campus to hide the eggs. Make sure to hide them in super-tricky spots where they are not easily found. Create maps containing treasure hunt routes to make the activity more interesting and adventurous.

Treat Yourself A Manicure

Treating yourself and your friends a manicure treatment is an exciting way of celebrating Easter holidays. Invite your girlfriends to your dorm during this Easter for a manicure season. Decorate your dorm to add more style to suit the Easter holiday mood. Check out these 32 cute Easter inspired manicure designs to complete your spring look.

Organize A Picnic

Spring season is officially here! It's the best time to spend your time outdoors, admiring Mother Nature's beauty. Don't miss this opportunity to spend quality time with your friends before everyone gets caught up with exams and deadlines. Search for an outdoor spot on campus or the nearby park to hold your Easter picnic. Come up with a potluck theme picnic so that everyone can have fun experimenting with new dishes. Check out these 72 Easter recipes ideas for fabulous tasty treats.

Go For Some Easter Shopping

It's the Easter holidays and you don't have classes going on. Why don't you visit the mall and shop for some spring outfits. You might come across Easter holiday promotions at the clothing stores. Now, it's the time to do shopping without breaking the bank! If you are thinking of buying summer outfits at the same time, go ahead. You can stock them up early for the coming summer season. Do include a variety of pastel colors, floral dresses, and chunky sunglasses to complete your spring and summer wardrobes.


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