5 Reasons Why You Overeat And How To Overcome Them

Do you find yourself hungry and eating all the time? You just had your lunch and yet, you are craving for more food. You are constantly craving for food although you are not hungry. Your huge appetite is uncontrollable and causes you to put on extra weight. You will be surprised to find out these 5 reasons that leads to overeating habits.

1) Social Media

Pictures of food are continuously being uploaded to Facebook and Instagram everyday. Browsing through these pictures will make you crave for a variety of food. For instance, you are browsing through some pictures of delicious cheese burgers and apple pie on the Internet. All of a sudden, you are craving for cheese burgers although you just finished your dinner. You are not feeling hungry but you feel tempted to call the nearest fast food delivery outlet.

What to do: Distract yourself. Move way from your computer and do something else. Call your girlfriends or pick up your latest Fashion magazine.

2) Extreme Dieting

Dieting is a common way to lose weight. However, there are several cons of dieting. When we derive our body of food for too long, it begin to move into the starvation mode. As a result, it sends signals to the brain to urge us to increase food intake. This condition causes us to binge by consuming large amounts of food.

What to do: Learn to track your body cues. Stop eating when you are feeling full. Chew your food slowly so that you don't end up stuffing yourself.

3) You Are Stressed Out

It is normal to feel stress in our daily lives due to many deadlines to meet each day. There are part-time jobs and studies to juggle with on a normal day basis. Too much work can cause you to feel stressed. Feeling stress can make you crave for food. This is because our brain perceive food as the object to relieve stress. That is why we often turn to 'comfort food' such as ice-cream and chocolate when we are feeling down.

What to do: Find other forms of relaxation to relieve stress. Go for a walk or watch your favorite movie.

4) You Are Feeling Sad

Our body dislikes unpleasant feelings. When you are having a bad day in school, your body is bound to experience deep negative emotions. It will then try to get rid of this unpleasant feeling by urging you to eat constantly. As a result, you end up eating more than your normal portion of food.

What to do: Allow yourself to grieve and accept what had happened. Cry out and release your frustration to make yourself feel better. Reaching the acceptance phase is important to help you move forward and get on with your lives.

5) You Are Feeling Exhausted

Juggling datelines and society activities can be exhausting. You hardly had enough sleep for weeks. Your body is not getting the sufficient rest it needs. Your energy level is always low due to fatigue. Your body mistakens the lack of energy as a sign of hunger. Thus, it will lead you to indulge in binge eating.

What to do: Incorporate healthy snacks between your meals in order to boost your energy level. Eating small snacks prevents a sharp decrease of energy level which helps to control your appetite.


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