Benefits Of Cycling You Won't Want To Miss

Dear Readers,

We have entered the end of March 2018. Are you struggling to achieve your goals and resolutions? I hope that you have not given up yet. If you are looking for a new activity for a change, consider taking up a new hobby such as cycling. I'm sure you are wondering how is cycling beneficial to your health. Keep reading and let's find out all the advantages it offers below!

Tone Muscles and Promote Weight Loss

Cycling involves a lot of resistance element which helps to build muscles. It is a healthy workout that targets every part of the body. People always assume that cycling targets only the calves, quads and thighs areas. In fact, your arm muscles are strengthened as they do most of the balancing work when you hold onto the handlebars. When you have increased muscle mass, more percentage of your body fat is burnt during a workout. Good news, collegiates! This is another way to shed off the extra pounds besides dieting.

Improves Heart Health

Cycling improves cardiovascular function by strengthening the heart muscles. Cycling regularly promotes blood circulation around the lungs and heart. Thus, it reduces the likelihood of getting cardiovascular diseases namely heart attack and high blood pressure.  

Makes You Smarter

There is a secret to scoring high grades for your finals. Researchers have discovered that cycling promotes blood circulation to the brain which boosts brainpower. Now, that's the source of motivation to cycle to campus every day. Besides youths, cycling is also beneficial to prevent Alzheimer disease in the elderly. 

Reduces Stress

Cycling can be taken up as a hobby rather than viewing it as a type of sport. When you enjoy indulging in this new hobby, you will be more likely to experience excitement and fun from cycling. Hence, your stress levels are lowered tremendously and you will feel more relaxed.


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