Lupus Awareness Month

Lupus Awareness Month falls in the month of May. Lupus is a type of autoimmune disease which inflames and damages the body organs or tissues. Lupus can affect any part of the body. It commonly affects the joints and skin. The causes of Lupus remains a mystery. However, some doctors believe that it’s a combination of several factors such as environmental, genetics and hormones. Lupus is a non-contagious illness. The symptoms may last for weeks, months or even years.

A person with Lupus may experience the following symptoms:

  •         Swollen and painful joints
  •          Anaemia
  •          Headaches or migraines
  •         Fever
  •         Chest pains
  •    Skin rashes which assemble a butterfly on the face
  •         Mouth ulcers
  •        Fatigue

Consult your doctor if you experience any of the above symptoms. He or she will prescribe you the best medication or treatment to treat your condition. If you’re interested in spreading awareness about Lupus but unsure of how to start, check out this website.


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